Can psychotherapy really change anything? We all have different temperaments we were born with. Early experiences shape our future expectations, putting roadblocks and life supports in our way. Every life brings constant changes and inescapable losses that break our hearts open and transform us. We all grow and expand as we live. Moments of change may feel like a crisis, and yet, these very moments are portals to a new path, a new stage of living. You can’t go back. You have to flow with the changes, open up to your potential. You can transform the energy in your life, make it flourish and nurture you. You can end the insanity and drama. You can heal the places where you bleed your light and feel disempowered. Connect for confidential, practical help to living in a flow.

I am very passionate about empowering women and men from all walks of life through life transitions:

  • finding yourself
  • relationships
  • break ups
  • professional successes, and disappointments
  • loss of a loved one
  • health crises
  • and all sorts of existential hiccups.

Anger and stress management

Health research shows that prolonged stress has detrimental effect on our health. If you are feeling anxious, angry, frustrated, and have trouble sleeping it is time to regroup.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy provides us with the opportunity to explore current difficulties, and their roots, in a safe and supportive environment with the full attention of a therapist.

The Flow in Change

Specializing in empowering women through life transitions: first serious relationships, break ups, professional success, marriage, motherhood, loss of a loved one, and menopause. Etc.


The six-week program using mindfulness approach will help you in developing new relationship with money and all the goods you may or may not have right now, but occupying your mind to a degree you are no longer comfortable with.