Project Description

Anger & Stress Management 

If you are reading this you may have been told, in your workplace or by your loved one, that you need to ‘see somebody’ to rein in your anger or to handle pressure better. Health research shows that prolonged stress has detrimental effect on our health. Prolonged stress makes you more susceptible to illness. It decreases the quality of your life, your professional contribution, and impacts your relationships. It even makes you age faster. If you are feeling anxious, angry, frustrated, and have trouble sleeping it is time to regroup.

Toward Mastery and Peace Program

After 20 years of working as and Anger & Stress Management Specialist I have seen a need for anger and stress management treatment that is compassionate and gentle yet fosters tremendous personal growth. In response, I have designed my own approach and take a great pride in all of my client’s achievements. The programs offered here employ solutions and therapeutic practices based on the most recent scientific theories related to human responses to situations, thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness approach and hypnosis has been consistently validated by neuropsychological research as effective in changing anger and stress response, directly and indirectly through

  • better stress management,
  • increase in empathy, compassion, and self-control
  • establishing internal locus of control;

as well as through decrease in ruminating and emotional re-activity.

Through participation in the six-week Anger and Stress Management Program Toward Mastery and Peace you will:

  • achieve more ease in your life,
  • enjoy clarity of mind in any circumstances, and
  • feel the restorative balance between your daily efforts and accomplishments.

Even if you feel other people and events are the reasons for your frustration and stress, you can make adjustments to grow your sense of mastery and strength.

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