Can psychotherapy really change anything? We all have different temperaments we were born with. Early experiences shape our future expectations, putting roadblocks and life supports in our way. Every life brings constant changes and inescapable losses that break our hearts open and transform us. We all grow and expand as we live. Moments of change may feel like a crisis, and yet, these very moments are portals to a new path, a new stage of living. You can’t go back. You have to flow with the changes, open up to your potential.

“Wherever you go, there you are”Confucius

I am very passionate about empowering women and men from all walks of life through life transitions:

  • finding yourself
  • relationships
  • break ups
  • professional successes, and disappointments
  • loss of a loved one
  • health crises
  • and all sorts of existential hiccups.

“In every step the way is found”  – Eva

BeLove Visual Meditation

Are you feeling the life you are currently living is not what you have hoped for and things are not supposed to be the way they are? Are you feeling anxious, exhausted, frustrated, disappointed? You can transform the energy in your life, make it flourish and nurture you. You can end the insanity and drama. You can heal the places where you bleed your light and feel disempowered. Connect for confidential, practical help to living in a flow. Read more….  or contact me to schedule a consultation or a therapy session HERE>>


Anger and stress management

Health research shows that prolonged stress has detrimental effect on our health. If you are feeling anxious, angry, frustrated, and have trouble sleeping it is time to regroup.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy provides us with the opportunity to explore current difficulties, and their roots, in a safe and supportive environment with the full attention of a therapist.

The Flow in Change

Specializing in empowering women through life transitions: first serious relationships, break ups, professional success, marriage, motherhood, loss of a loved one, and menopause. Etc.


A life lived consciously is filled with mindful attention toward, and respect for every moment. The practice of mindfulness is widely used in modern health care to alleviate stress, pain, weight problems, emotional suffering such as depression, anxiety, anger, grief.Learn More
If you have a stressful project, task or other challenge you feel is depleting your resources, if you’ve reached a point of confusion, frustration, or exhaustion, Focus/Recharge will provide your body and your mind with important re-set impulse to replace ‘stuckness’ with creativity and clarity.Learn More
Health research shows that prolonged stress has a detrimental effect on our health. Prolonged stress makes you more susceptible to illness, and once you are sick it will take longer to heal. Stress will make you age faster. Learn More
Therapy can be a tremendous asset in dealing with emotional issues, interpersonal relationships, family concerns and the difficulties of daily life. It can help us work towards resolution of the problems and challenges we may be facing. We have the ability to heal. You can feel better and proceed with a clearer heart and mind.Learn More
Mindfulness is like wearing full-body armour against the stresses and challenges of day to day living. Even after one session, I felt a palpable difference in my ability to be in the moment and enjoy life more fully. Dr. Eva is a skillful mentor and facilitator. I found mindfulness to be brilliant in its simplicity and profound in its effect.
A, 2014
I wanted to thank you for all your support and tell you how much I enjoyed working with you. I learnt a lot from you and really appreciate all your support.
J, 2015
I came across a tab on my browser with your lovely meditations. It was so nice to read your words and hear your voice, through them, again.
K, 2013
You did a great job organizing everything and were such a wonderful teacher to have. Thank you so much for a wonderful growing experience.
S, 2014
Our talk has helped me see things in different ways and given me new perspectives.
P, 2015
You always fill my heart with happiness every time I see you.
S, 2015
I felt very good about the session and I am looking forward to coming back. Thank you for everything.
R, 2016
You are my angel
M, 2015
Thank you for meeting with me today. That was all very important stuff for me to hear. 
C, 2016
Therapy like no other.
R, 2015
Thank you for your support. It’s been incredibly helpful.
C, 2016
Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful advice – I really took that into heart.
S, 2016
Thank you so much for meeting with me, it was great sitting with you and discussing some of my concerns.
E, 2017