Project Description

Flow in Change

Specializing in empowering women through life transitions:

  • first serious relationships
  • break ups
  • professional successes, or disappointments
  • marriage
  • motherhood
  • loss of a loved one
  • menopause.

Are you feeling lonely? Lost in the dating pool? Frustrated with blocks in your relationship? Anxious about your life and work? Unsure about your choices? Give yourself an opportunity of a thrilling journey of discovery. Psychotherapy and counselling can be a tremendous asset in finding your way and your inspiration in life.

It is best to create a space and an intention for this project. Creation of new patterns in your life will take a little time to set in. It is important that you don’t just quit after you see the first signs of improvement, or none. Even 6 sessions will create a lasting change. More…>>>

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